Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Maximum number of simultaneous Template requests

John: How do you increase the number of concurrent template requests in coldfusion 9?

Jesse: I am thinking. Isn't this a setting in the coldfusion administrator under request tuning?

John: Are you sure?

Jesse: Yes I am sure it is there i looked it up see "Maximum number of simultaneous Template requests" and "Maximum number of running JRun threads".

John: Okay have you tested it?

Jesse: No, wait i will test it. Just hang on a sec.

John: (taking a small cup of coffee and reading a post on his favourite website)

Jesse: Hmmm, John i tried setting up 35 simultaneous requests but for some reason i can only get up to 25 simultaneous template requests.

John: I know you are running IIS 6.0 right?

Jesse: Yes.

John: Read this article and try again: Adobe website

Jesse: What the heck.

John: (smiling)

Jesse: Why is there a setting called "Maximum number of simultaneous Template requests" in the coldfusion administrator when this does not work. And why do i have to set this in some config file placed deep inside coldfusion.

John: (still smiling) Only the coldfusion God knows.

---- End of conversation ----

If for some reason you do not wish to goto the adobe official website, below the article they posted on how to increase the number of simultaneous template requests.


IIS 6/IIS 7 for ColdFusion 9: Increasing the Number of Worker Threads

While using IIS6 for ColdFusion 9 (or ColdFusion 9.0.1), owing to heavy load, if you encounter performance issues, you may increase the number of worker threads.

    Go to the directory cf_root\runtime\lib\wsconfig\1.
    Note: In multiserver scenarios, the location is  jrun_root/lib/wsconfig/1. 1 indicates a single IIS website. If you have configured multiple IIS websites, the number can change accordingly.
    Open the file jrun_iis6_wildcard.ini (jrun_iis7_wildcard.ini if you use IIS 7).
    Uncomment maxworkerthreads=25.
    Note: By default, maxworkerthreads is commented.
    Change the value to 50 (maxworkerthreads=50) from the default value of 25.
    Restart IIS 6/IIS 7.

Note: The Maximum number of Simultaneous Template requests (Admin > Server Settings > Request Tunings > Request Limits) must also be increased accordingly.

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